Contemporary Definition of Islamic Medicine


  • Ahmed Elkadi Institute of Islamic Medicine for Education and Research



Islamic Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Alternative Therapy



Islamic Medicine is a medical science that is in full submission to the will of God. It is the most up-to-date healing art guided by and in full compliance with the Divine teachings. It must submit to Islamic teachings and ethics; must be logical in its practices and be comprehensive in its concerns, universal in its approach, and excellent and distinguished. Adherence to the above criteria in an experimental clinical program, Multimodality Immunotherapy Program (MIP), for the last 9 years has led to very promising and exciting results. The evaluation of the MIP is ongoing in Florida and in Dhubai, United Arab Emirates.

In addition to addition real clinical improvement in conditions that were hitherto nonresponsive to modern medical therapies, this 9-year experience resulted in it better understanding of the following: the link between chronic diseases and immune abnormality and harbored negative emotions, the Qur'anic statements and Prophet's teachings, the basic features of the healing effect of a variety of modalities referred to in Islamic teachings (the oneness of the person, the mechanism of communication with one's own immune cells), the broad spectrum effect of negative and positive emotions, the comprehensive meaning of the word "pollution" of electricity as the spark of life, some physical mechanisms of "Ruqyah" or the "laying on of hands," and the concept of reverse initiation. Based on the above experience, the definition and understanding of Islamic Medicine given in this paper appear to be appropriate.






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