The Role of the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences in Reviving Islamic Medicine


  • al-Awadi A Abdul Rahman Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences



Islamic medicine, Islamic Jurisprudence, Manuscripts, Islamic Medical Ethics


The Islamic Organization for Medical Science (IOMS) was formed to fill a need for the Muslim "Ummah" (worldwide nation), to clarify the Islamic point of view of certain medical practices, to collect Islamic medical heritage and to determine how to apply it to modern day medical practice. IOMS was successful in including the spiritual component in the definition of the human being at World Health Organization (WHO). It issued an Islamic document on the code of medical professionals. IOMS organized several medical juristic symposia to discuss and provide the Islamic point of view on several issues e.g. the sacredness of human life, genetics and genetic engineering, assisted reproductive technologies, organ transplantation, cloning, AIDS, etc. IOMS also held several symposia about the great medical scholars of the Muslim Ummah. Its library has copies of several thousand manuscripts and is working hard to collect more. IOMS is planning to have these manuscripts available on the Internet to preserve the legacy of Islamic medicine and make it available for further study and research.






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