A Review of Ancient and Modern Concepts of Hyperlipidemia/Fart shahm fi al-dam

  • Roohi Bashir Jammu and Kashmir Health Services. Anant Naag, Jammu and Kashmir, India
  • Yasmeen Shamsi
  • Rais-ur Rahman Delhi University, Delhi
Keywords: Hyperlipidemia, obesity, Yunani medicine


Ancient Yunani physicians were aware of dasam and shahm (fat) of the blood. They described the condition of fart shahm fi al-dam which is what we call now hyperlipidemia. They also described al-simna al-mufrita (excess of fat in the body) or what we call now obesity. They considered these two conditions a single disease. While we now know that they are different conditions, it is true that obese individuals frequently suffer from hyperlipidemia.

Author Biographies

Yasmeen Shamsi
Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India
Rais-ur Rahman, Delhi University, Delhi
Associate Professor, Faculty of Ayurvedic and Yunani Medicine, Delhi University, Delhi, India
History of Medicine