Intracavity Pulmonary Mass in a Patient with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Khurshid A. Guru, Imran Mirza, Leonard O. Barrett, Faroque Ahmad Khan


Aspergillus species, although so common in the natunll environment, rarely causes disease in a normal host. In settings of immunocompromised state, these infections are common and cause considerable morbidity and mortality. We discuss an AIDS case with an unusual presentation of a fungal ball, its diagnosis, managcment, and significant complications. Its different nodes of presentation and the mechanism of formation also are discussed. Emphasis is also laid on the different approaches toward treatment of this condition. Discussions include thc right time to intervene surgically in these cases in order to decrease mortality, and, finally, the spectrum in which this disease occurs in immonocomllromiscd paticnts who live longer in this state.


Aspergilloma; AIDS; Intracavitary; Pulmonary Mass

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