The Code of Codes I: The Science and Technology


  • Aftab J. Ahmed Bio-Aging, Inc



Human Genome, Linkage Analysis, Recombinant DNA, Yeast Artificial Chromosones, Sequence-Tagged Sites, Expressed Sequence Tags


Determination of the complete nucleotide sequence of the human genome is one of the most ambitious scientific projects ever undertaken. The expressed objective of this initiative is to not only decipher the linear order of the basic alphabet of the genome, but also to physically map genetic loci for various human diseases in order to eventually develop rational therapeutic regimes for them. Despite the erstwhile controversy about the relevance of sequencing the entire three billion nucleotides in human DNA, the human genome project is making progress apace. Thus, according to some estimates, it is ahead of the initial estimates of completing the entire sequence in 15 years. Several complementary strategies are being actively pursued to accomplish this task. Among the most promising are approaches utilizing expressed sequence tags (EST) and sequence-tagged sites (STS). Their respective merits and demerits notwithstanding,taken together, these strategies portend to yield a comprehensive map of the human genome and shed light on its dynamics, flux, and evolution.






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