Salad Bar Vaccines

  • Aftab J. Ahmed Bio-Aging, Inc
Keywords: Public Health, Vaccines, Genetics, Infectious Diseases


Abstract produced by JIMA staff on July 13, 2010.

Until recently, the repertoire of vaccines comprised mainly live vaccines, crippled or truncated vaccines, and "wannabr" vaccines based on protein or peptide fragments of a pathogen, such as the innuenza virus. However, the field is entering a new phase as scienlists begin to apply molecular genetic techniques in an allempt to neutralize various pathogens. As a result, considerable efforts are afoot to make vaccines from DNA instead of the usual procedures utilizing viral particles or their proteins. Optimistic projections call for "all-in-one" immunizations (i.e., "DNA vaccines") that in the future would have the potential to elicit immunity against multiple diseases.
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