Bryostatin 1, A New Anti-tumor Agent: From Bench to Bedside

  • Ramzi M. Mohammad
  • Syed A. Raza
  • Auday Maki
  • Ayad Al-Katib
Keywords: Bryostatin 1, B-cell tumors, Differentiation, Apoptosis, bc12, c-myc, p53


Bryostatin 1 represents a novel natural agent that appears to exert pleiotropic biological effects via protein kinase C (PKC). Bryostatin 1 has been found to have anti-neoplastic and immunomodulatory activity in a variety of in vitor and in vivo systems. Although Bryostatin 1 exhibits its dose dependent inhibitory response on solid tumor lines as well, it has more potential against human leukemias and lymphomas. Extensive studies over the past several years have recently led Bryostatin 1 to enter phase 1 clinical trials for patients wilh lymphoma and leukemia tumors in our institute.
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