Human Development as Revealed in the Glorious Qur'an and Hadith

  • M. Shoukfeh Dubai Medical College
Keywords: Quran, Hadith, Nutfa, Alaqa, Mudgha, Creation, Embryology, Human Development


Human development has been refered to in the Qur'an and Hadith. These references describe three different stages, the nutfa, the 'alaqa and the mudgha, in a manner which corresponds well with modem science's description of embryologic development. This is another miracle ofthe Qur'an. The calculation of days of the three stages of development mentioned in the Qur'an and Hadith reflect the period from the first day of last menstrual period rather than from the day of fertilization.

Author Biography

M. Shoukfeh, Dubai Medical College
Professor ofObstetrics and Gynecology and
Chairman ofthe Department ofIslamic Medidne (Retired)
Dubai Medical College, United Arab Emirates
Islamic Perspectives