The Inception of Human Life in the Light of Statements of the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah and the Opinions of Muslim Scholars

  • Mohammad Naeem Yaseen University of Kuwait
Keywords: Beginning of life, Islamic juriprudence, foreordainment, spirit, vegetable life, human life


There is no definitive statement in the "Qur'an" or "Sunnah" that identifies the beginning of human life. This allows "Ijtihad" in answering this question. The author utilizes a Hadith narrated by ibn Mas'ud to derive the opinion that human life begins 120 days after conception. At that time, the angel by the will of Allah puts into effect the foreordainment in the embryo/fetus of that particular being. At the same time or shortly thereafter the spirit is breathed into that fetus making it "human". Various arguments in favor of this opinion are cited and counterarguments are rebutted.


Author Biography

Mohammad Naeem Yaseen, University of Kuwait
Department oj Comparatice Jurisprudence
and Sharea'a Policy
Faculty oj Sharea'a and Islamic Studies
University Of Kuwait
Khaldiyyah, Kuwait
Islamic Perspectives