A Retrospective Study of Sigmoidoscopic Examination with Rigid Sigmoidoscope in a Medical School Sigmoidoscopy Center


  • Tahir Saleem Khan SMHS Hospital, Kashmir
  • A. Moiz Hafiz SMHS Hospital, Kashmir
  • Beenish Nazir SMHS Hospital, Kashmir
  • Nusrat Shaheen SKIMS Medical College, Kashmir
  • Mir Yasir SMHS Hospital, Kashmir
  • Hilal A Khan District Hospital Pulwama, Kashmir




Rigid sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, rectosigmoid cancer, hemorrhoids


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5915/40-2-4449

Rigid sigmoidoscopy is a common outpatient procedure to diagnose many rectosigmoid pathologies. As better investigative tools replace it, we decided to consider its validity at our outpatient settings. A retrospective study of the data at our sigmoidoscopy center demonstrated its efficacy as an inexpensive and effective method to screen and diagnose numerous pathologies in a setup such as ours.


  1. To determine the diagnostic yield of rigid sigmoidoscopy as an investigative tool with special emphasis on neoplastic lesions.
  2. To determine yearly trends in various pathologies.

Design: Retrospective study of data from the records of a sigmoidoscopy center at SMHS Hospital, Kashmir, India, from April 2002 to April 2006.

Main outcome measures: Number of sigmoidoscopy procedures performed, various pathologies picked up, sex distribution of pathologies, emphasis on rectosigmoid carcinoma cases and hemorrhoids.

Results: During the study period, 6125 examinations were done on 5244 patients. A total of 3522 abnormalities were picked up, giving a diagnostic yield of 67.2%. The most common lesion found was hemorrhoids (2418 cases, 46.1%). Other pathologies included neoplasms (660 cases, 12.6%), anal fissures (227 cases, 4.3%), fistula in ano (91 cases, 1.7%), and others (126 cases, 2.4%). Certain temporal
trends in various pathologies also were observed.

Conclusions: Rigid sigmoidoscopy is a feasible diagnostic tool for diagnosing various rectosigmoid pathologies. The incidence of rectosigmoid carcinoma is increasing.






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