Pain Control: Meeting the Professional Educational Needs in the Developing World

Khalid Laeeq-ur Rehman



Pain is constant with serious illnesses. While many serious illnesses and diseases cannot be cured, the associated pain and symptoms can be alleviated. Untreated and undertreated pain is a major healthcare problem worldwide. While there are many reasons for that, this paper addresses the lack of healthcare professionals specifically trained in pain control and symptom management. It is proposed that an educational facility be built in the Madinah Knowledge Economic City (MKEC). It is envisioned that once such a facility is operational, it will also serve as a springboard to bring about cultural change, sociopolitical change, and change in the governmental policies in procurement, distribution, licensing, and tracking of pain medications as well as effective delivery systems. Such an educational facility in MKEC will serve the unmet needs of humanity in general and Muslims in particular.


Pain control, professional education, developing countries, narcotic policies, Saudi Arabia

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