A Clinico-pathological Study of the Adult Nephrotic Syndrome in Northern Iraq


  • Mohammad J Al-Habbal College of Medicine Mosul lraq
  • Huthaifa Al-Dewachi College of Medicine Mosul lraq
  • Khalid Abdulla Saddam College of Medicine Baghdad Iraq




Adult nephrotic syndrome, kidney, histopathological lesions.


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5915/26-2-16362

One hundred eleven patients, 61 males and 50 females, with a mean age of 27 years (SD 16) and tbe range of 12 years to 70 years who had nephrotic syndrome were biopsled and their clinical and laboratory features studied. Minimal change glomerulonephritis accounted for 23% of cases followed by membranoproliferatlve glomerulonephritis (19%) and amyloidosis (15%), both of which are uncommon in Western literature. Seventy-six (68%) of the cases were idiopathic. Thirty five (32%) were secondary amyloidosis accounting for 17, and systemic lupus erythematosus accounting for eight of them. Serum
cholestrol was elevated in nine of the 17 patients with amyloidosis, which is the same proportion seen in the patients as a whole, and hypertension was absent in all but one of them.  Membranousglomerulonephritis, the most common cause of the nephrotlc syndrome, in most reports accounted for 12%. Of three diabetics, one was not a known diabetic before, and one was a known diabetic for two years only.

The relative frequency of the causes of the nephrotic syndrome and some features of amyloidosis and diabetes are apparently different in our patients from what is classically described.

Author Biographies

Mohammad J Al-Habbal, College of Medicine Mosul lraq


College of Medicine

Huthaifa Al-Dewachi, College of Medicine Mosul lraq


College of Medicine

Khalid Abdulla, Saddam College of Medicine Baghdad Iraq


Saddam College of Medicine


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