Treatment of Surgical Cancer Stage IB

Mostafa A Selim, Abdelwahab D. Shalodi



Debate continues as to the efficacy of irradiation therapy versus radical surgery in Stage IB carcinoma of the cervix. The few reported randomized series demonstrate that the results are comparable in each series. Radical hysterectomy in skilled hands is a safe procedure and mortality is reducible. In the meantime, the number of radioresistant lesions are small; radiation injuries are low but occur in later years and are difficult to treat. None of the available data show that combined treatment has a better survival rate than the use of one modality alone.

Patients with stage IB should be examined and discussed individually in conference with a gynecologic oncologist and radiation therapist. Utilizing all the above factors and the clinical parameters, young and healthy patients are more suitable for surgical treatment while the remainder may be treated by irradiation alone. In the meantime, some patients will benefit from modified methods of combined treatment.


Cervical carcinoma; Stage IB; Radiotherapy; Radical hysterectomy

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