The Role of Laser in Infertility Surgery

Jamil A Fayez



In the last two decades, developments in gynecologic endoscopy have had an impact on our specialty that is equaled only by the introduction of sophisticated radioimmunoassays. With the exception of dilation and curetage (D&C), laparoscopy has become the most frequently performed gynecologic procedure by obstetricians and gynecologists. Although originally introduced as a diagnostic procedure, not surprisingly and within a short time it became an operative procedure. As time went by, more sophistication in operative laparoscopy was obtained because of the development of modern optics and better operative instruments. The latest tool introduced to operative laparoscopy was the laser. This article will discuss all laser laparoscopic procedures that should be done in the field of reproductive surgery.



Laser; Laparoscopy; Infertility surgery

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