Socio-Medical Problems Related to Alcohol Consumption

  • Mohammed A Al-Bar Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, USA
Keywords: Alcohol, alcohol dependence, alcohol abuse, socio-medical problems



Alcoholic beverages have been used since antiquity. Unfortunately, there is a tremendous increase in its consumption in the last three decades, bort in the developed and developing countries.

The socio-economic losses are staggering. Alcohol consumption is a major factor in road accidents, industrial injuries and crimes of violence. Industrial loss is tremendous, and in many countries alcohol abuse is the most important cause of absenteeism, loss of production and hooliganism. Incest, rape and other sexual crimes are usually committed under the influence of alcohol. Wife and child batterers are usually heavy drinkers. This article discusses the increasing incidence of alcohol dependence and the ensuing socio-medical problems.

Author Biography

Mohammed A Al-Bar, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, USA
Clinical professor, Ob/GYN Medical College of Georgia
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