Measuring the Influence of Nutritional Messages Using Biomedical Data Package 2T Statistical Program

  • Syed A Hussain Swift-Eckrich, Inc., Oak Brook, Illinois, USA
Keywords: Caloric intake, nutritional game, first order, compound intervention, Biomedical Data Package 2T, dietary behavior



This research measures the effects that an American Heart Association nutritional game ''Food for Thought" had upon the mean intake of calories, desserts, and skim milk of patrons of a university cafeteria. Patron food choices were unobtrusively measured for 16 weeks by means of a computerized cash register inventory system before, during, and after introduction of a media based nutritional game. The effects of this nutritional game on rhe dietary behavior of the patrons were estimated using BMDP2T Statistical Program. During promotion of the game, patrons reduced their mean caloric intake by 5%, desserts by 19%, and increased their consumption of skim milk by 40%. First order and compound intervention effects persisted after the game. As shown, the game was effective and yielded results generalizable to similar social marketing campaigns and educational programs.

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Syed A Hussain, Swift-Eckrich, Inc., Oak Brook, Illinois, USA
Research and Development, Swift-Eckrich, Inc., Oak Brook, Illinois, USA
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