Human Echinococcosis in Saudi Arabia

Siraj Malaika, Ahmad Attayeb, Saleh Sulaimani, J J Reddy



Human echinococcosis is not an uncommon disease in Saudi Arabia and some other Middle East countries due to the presence of sheep, dogs and humans living in close contact. Although it is supposed to be a benign disease, the onset of complications which are liable to occur makes its morbidity not much inferior to malignant disease. From the data collected from the main hospitals in various districts of Saudi Arabia and from their own experience, the authors tried to evaluate the various epidemiological and nosological aspects of the disease. Its incidcnce, salient clinical features, complications and methods of diagnosis are presented. The effectiveness and safety of some scolicidal materials and the various surgical techniques used in dealing with the hydatid cyst cavity left behind are discussed.

Paper submitted to fifth Saudi Medical Meeting Riyadh, 29th April - 1st May, 1980.


Human echnicoccosis; Infectious disease; Public health; Saudi Arabia; Hydatid Cyst

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