Subcutaneous Condyloma Acuminata

Qudratullah Majadidi



A case of a 21 year old white female, gravida 2, para 2, is reported who presented with multiple draining abscesses of the right labium majus at term pregnancy due to extensive subcutaneouscondyloma acuminata. She was treated by deep incision and drainage. Subsequentpartial vulvectomy was necessary to eradicate the condylomata and infection.

Condyloma acuminatum (genitalwarts) are papillomatous epithelial verrucous growths presumably due to pappiloma-like virus. The frequency with which they undergo proliferative growth during pregnancy reflects theirrelative endocrine dependency.

Although the vulva (in particular, the vestibule and labial fold) and the perineal skin are the sites most frequently involved, lesion may occur within the vagina or cervix and on the mons pubis. They may also occur in the axillae and groins.

A case of extensive subcutaneouscondyloma acuminata manifesting by multiple draining abscesses of the right labium majus is presented.


HPV types; Warts; Infection

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