Neurodiagnosis: A Look to the Past and Changing Trends of the Present

Jag Ahmed Devkota



Perhaps of all the organ systems, the central nervous system (CNS) is the most complex and difficult to understand. Physicians have been struggling from the dawn of medical history to grasp the fundamentals of the CNS and its disease process. Time and again relentless trials of new methods have emerged. The experience gained over the decades along with the improvement in equipment and other pertinent technology facilitate the diagnosis and understanding of this complex system. It has been much simplified in modern days. What medium has not been tried? X-ray, heat, sound and magnet. Each of these approaches surpassed the other, yielding further informotion. Neurodiagnosis has traveled a long way from the simple and crude skull x-rays to the high resolufion brain images and its chemical specfralanalysis in vivo.


Neurodiagnosis; Radiology; X-ray; Computed Tomography of Brain; Magnetic Resonance of Brain

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