Report of three cases of unusual anterior abdominal wall defects in Fallujah General Hospital during the year 2010

Samira Telfah Alaani



Abdominal wall defects occur when the normal sequence of the gastro intestinal tract development is interrupted. Gastroschisis represents a herniation of abdominal contents through a paramedian full-thickness abdominal wall fusion defect without involving the umbilical cord. Evisceration usually only contains intestinal loops and has no surrounding membrane unlike omphalocoele. It is unusual for a newborn with gastroschisis to have other serious birth defects. Neonates with gastroschisis have better prognosis than those with omphalocele. Very rarely is gastroschisis associated with herniation of other organs, and their presence makes the prognosis worse.

I report three cases of unusual anterior abdominal wall defects during the year 2010, each having specific associated abnormalities. One was stillborn, and the other two died shortly after delivery.


Gastroschisis; Fallujah; Iraq; Abdominal wall thickness defect

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