‘Creation after creation in three veils of darkness’: The hidden biological wonders in al-Qu’rān



This paper is an in-depth study of part of verse (6) in Surat al-Zumar (39) (groups). It concerns the creation of man in the mother's womb (uterus) and the various unseen stages involved in the growth of the fetus, which are simplified and crystallized into one small, but unfathomable, phrase: "Three veils of darkncss." How wonderfully al-Qur'an proves that Allah is the "Knower of the invisible and the invisible!" The author would like to interpret or unravel to the extent humanly possible this mystery of "three veils of darkness" and bring out the glory of Allah as the Best Creator, the magnificence of al-Qur'ain as a great book of biological marvels and Islam, the religion or the way of life often misunderstood, and as the forerunner of scientific education.


Quran; Creation; Pregnancy; Embryology

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5915/31-1-5422

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