Approaching Modern Technological Challenges Through the Traditions of Ibn Sina (980-1036)

Faroque Ahmed Khan



Let us assume ibn Sina has returned from barzakh (the period between death and resurrection) and is with us in Beijing. How might he address the issues regarding the use, limitations, and advantages the rapid proliferation of modern technology has created? I will present some of my own observations related to my work as an intensivist-pulmonologist and more recently as a spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Long Island in New York. I will present three case studies. Do intensive care monitoring devices such as the Swanz Ganz catheter (SGC) really make a difference? Is it permissible and acceptable that Terri Schiavo died from dehydration and starvation? Joanne was born without a uterus. Can Joanne’s mother, Martha, carry a fertilized ovum of Joanne and her husband, Robert?


Swanz Ganz Catheter; Medical ethics; Islam; End of Life; Assisted Reproductive Technologies

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