Clinicians as Effective Researchers

Faroque Ahmad Khan


This article addresses the commonly asked question about the effectives of clinicians as researchers. The author draws on historical discoveries by inquisitive physicians and his own experience which involved extensive clinical research in various aspects of pulmonary medicine in USA and his more recent experience of overseeing the development of research at King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh, a major tertiary care center in Saudi Arabia. From this experience the author draws some conclusions as to the key ingredients required for successful research, which include- the inquisitiveness, patience, perseverance on the part of the clinician- along with a nurturing and supportive environment along with appropriate institutional financial, emotional and administrative support. The importance of collaboration and finally the need for appropriate data collection and following the Belmont principles need to be emphasized.

The author strongly believes that clinicians can be effective researchers.


Clinical Research; History of Medicine

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