Function of Dreams: An Integrated Approach

Mohamed Omar Salem



Throughout history, the fascinating world of dreams has attracted the attention of humankind, who sought to understand its meaning. This interest in dreams also reflects the human experience that many dreams have brought news of the future and have come true. Science, Philosophy and Religion have contributed to give some answers to this common human experience. In this work I have reviewed the different aspects of dreams from physiological, psychological, parapsychological, psychiatric and Islamic points of view. An account on the definitions and classification of the different types of dreams was followed by a brief description of the dream scene. The reviewer paid special attention to the precognitive function of dreams on the basis of the available evidence gathered from the most important research work done in this area. The article ends by a discussion aiming to explore, analyse and integrate the different aspects of the phenomena into a holistic comprehensive framework


Dreams;Precognotion;time;Islamic Psychology

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