Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Peripheral Pulmonary Lesions under Real-time Sonographic Guidance

G Q Khan, M Tanvir, M Iftikhar, M Y Bhat, G Mohiuddin, M Ashraf



The utility of fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) guided by real-time ultrasonography was studied in 25 patients referred with peripheral lung opacities on chest x-ray examination and in whom fiberoptic bronchoscopy was negative. The lesion, as seen on a chest x-ray, was visualized sonographically in 22 (88%) patients, and aspiration biopsy was performed in 20 of these 22 patients, two patients being excluded due to sonographic evidence of a hydatid cyst. Aspiration biopsy was diagnostic in 17 (85%) of the 20 patients studied including 12 patients with malignancy and five patients with benign lesion. One patient developed a small asymptomatic pneumothorax, detected on routine postprocedure chest x-ray examination. Thus fine needle aspiration biopsy under
ultrasonographic guidance is a safe, economical method with a high diagnostic
yield in the evaluation of peripheral lung opacities, especially in developing countries where computed tomography scan facilities are limited and costly.


Real-time sonography; Peripheral lesion; Echo pattern; Fluid bronchogram

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