Atypical Presentation of Renal Cell Carcinoma in a Child

Jag Ahmed Devkota



Renal cell carcinoma is a rare malignancy in the pediatric age group whereas it is a more common lesion in older adults. Wilm's tumors outnumber renal cell carcinomas by a ratio of 30:1 in children. There have been less than 175 cases of pediatric renal cell carcinoma reported in the English literature to date. Besides being an uncommon lesion, an unusual mode of presentation at the time of the diagnosis, and diagnostic imaging appearance of this case makes it even more interesting. The usual signs and symptoms of painless gross hematuria, flank pain, insidious fever, and infections, as well as heterogenous and ill-defined margins, were completely lacking.


Renal Cell Carcinoma; Adenocarcinoma; Pediatric Renal Cell Carcinoma; Renal Malignancy

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