Prevalence of Human Hydatidosis in the Autonomous Area, Northern Iraq During 1987

Abdul L Molan, Islam S Saeed, Mahdi R Baba



In this study we describe 86 patients at the main hospitals of Arbil, Sulaimaniah and Dohuk provinces (the Autonomous Area) who in 1987 had surgically proven hydatid infection. Infection rate was higher in females than in males in the Sulaimaniah province, whereas the opposite was true in Arbil and Dohuk provinces. Females were mostly housewives. Age ranged from 7 to 80 years, with the majority between 21-40 years of age. Most organs of the body were involved, especially liver, lung, peritoneum, spleen and other organs. The organ most commonly affected was the liver, followed by the lungs. Those having single organ involvement accounted for 83.7% of patients, while 16.3% had multiple organ or site involvement by hydatid cysts.



Human hydatidosis; Iraq Autonomous Area

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