Aspects of Breast Cancer Between Two Different Societies

Salah E Mostafa, Maha Hemeida, Abdul-Aziz Al-Nasser, Covin Jordan, Muslim M Al-Saadi, Waleed A Al-Ajroush



Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in many countries. Mortality from the disease has increased steadily since the beginning of this century. This study explores the pattern of this disease in two different cultures, American and Saudi Arabian, and examines how culture can affect the pattern and risk factors for breast cancer. Breast cancer was found to be more common among younger Saudi women, 30-49 (69.4%) and older American women (59.2%). A positive family history was found in 11.4% and the incidence of recurrence was 16.6% among the Saudi Arabian group.


Breast cancer; American group; Saudi Arabian group; Family history; recurrence

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