Cardiovascular Surgery Between Makkah and Medina

Hassan Raffa, Abdool Sorefan, Moustafa Sorefan, Gihad Barmada, Samir Maher



The Saudi Heart Center at the King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, located between Makkah (50 km) and Madinah (450 km), receiving patients from all the parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and middle eastern countries such as Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, and others was opened in June 1981 and has performed up to this date 2481 Cardiovascular surgeries covering neonatal, pediatric and adults surgeries for congenital and acquired cardiopathies. 868 patients underwent repair for simple and complex congenital anomalies with a mortality rate of 8. 6%. 1613 patients underwent surgery for acquired valvular and coronary heart diseases with a mortality rate of 4.0%. The average mortality rate for 2481 cardiovascular surgeries in both groups (141 deaths) was 5.6%.


Cardiovascular Surgery; Congenital Defects; Acquired Defects; Saudi Arabia; Mortality rate

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