Amniotic Fluid Embolism: A Review of the Literature and a Case Report with Recovery

Farid Sami Haddad



Amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a rare but catastrophic complication of labor. Its mortality is 86%. Only 39 patients are known to have recovered. A case of AFE withfibrinolysis and renal failure is presented. After treatment with fibrinogen, blood transfusion and dialysis, the patient recovered. The clinical syndrome was first described in 1941. The mean age of patients is 32 years; 88% are multiparas. Benirschke was the first to establish a clinical diagnosis by finding amniotic fluid debris in centrifuged central venous blood, above the white cell layer.



Amniotic fluid embolism; Placencal toxin; Prostaglandins; Consumption coagulopathy; Fibrinolysis; Hypofibrinogenemia; Placental toxin; Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy

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