Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Protein Levels in Normal and Diabetic Pregnancies

Mohamed M Elseweidy, Hossam E Fadel, Edathara C Abraham



The glycosylated fractions of hemoglobin i.e. Glycohemoglobin (GlycoHb) and of the plasma proteins i.e. Glycoprotein (GlycoPR) levels were quantitated using an affinity chromatographic technique in the cord and maternal blood of normal (Group I), White's Class A diabetic (Group II), and insulin-dependent diabetic (Group III) women. There was a significant increase of GlycoHb and GlycoPR levels in Group III compared lo Group I neonates. Maternal GlycoHb but not GlycoPR levels were significantly higher in Group Ill patients. Maternal and cord blood GlycoHb and GlycoPR levels in Class A diabetics were not different from those levels in the normal group. We conclude that the fetuses of insulin-dependent diabetic mothers are hyperglycemic in utero.


Glycosylation; Fetal hemoglobin; Glycosylated hemoglobin; Glycosylated protein, Diabetes mellitus; Normal pregnancy; Diabetic pregnancy

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