Brain Seizure Threshold of Prenatally Nicotine-Treated Offspring

Ghazi M Al-Hachim, Faiza A Mohmood



The trimester of pregnancy through which nicotine may influence the postnatal development, has not been previously reported. Hence, 3 different doses of nicotine equivalent to 10 cigarettes (900 ug/kg). 20 cigarettes (1800 ug/kg) or 30 cigarettes (2700 ug/kg) were given daily subcutaneously (S.C.) during each trimester into 3 groups of pregnant mice. Their offspring were subjected to minimal electroshock seizure threshold (MEST) test. During the second trimester, the drug reduced the MEST of the offspring when they were I month old. However. during the third trimester, nicotine reduced their MEST when they were I and 2 months old. Thus, pregnant mothers are not recommended to be exposed to nicotine during the late stages of pregnancy.


Nicotine; Pregancy; Seizures; Tobacco; Public Health

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