Atypical Multicentric "Sclerosing Hemangioma of the Lung": A Benign Mesenchymal Tumor of the Pulmonary Interstitium?

T H Abdulla, W J Pollack, E A Dowling



A case of multicentric sclerosing hemangiomas of the lung with recurrent hemoptysis and previously unreported pneumothorax is presented. The variable histology of the tumor nodules presented the opportunity to make observations pertinent to the histogenesis of this tumor which bas been a subject of debate in surgical pathology for approximately 25 years. Our observations suggest that sclerosing hemangiomas of the lung arises from pluri-potential rnesenchymal cells in the pulmonary interstitium. Focal differentiation of these interstitial cells, as noted in this case, into fibroconnective tissue, osteoid, fat, angiomatous tissue and bone may help explain the variable histology observed in case reports. This variable differentiation supports a mesenchymal histogenesis. Ultrastructural studies demonstrated that many of the interstitial cells had features of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts.


Histogenesis; Multicentric; Sclerosing; Hemangioma; Fibroblasts/Myofibroblasts; Differentiation; Mesenchyme or Mesenchymal

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