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How Do Online Games Affect Your Real Life

If people say playing games is bad for your health, they should rethink this. Spending time on playing games can be harmful to players, but if you play games moderately and have an inquiring mind, in addition to entertainment, games also give players useful lessons about life. Here are the skills you get when you play games properly.

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1. Calculation skills

Gradually, this skill will help you in real life.

Anyone who has ever played games will have more or less the ability to calculate reasonable revenue and expenditure. For example, when you play a real-time strategy game, you will have to calculate the number of resources needed to create soldiers and upgrade the technology so that it is the fastest and most efficient, and distribute characters appropriately to exploit resources.

In addition to building a good army in the game, you must also anticipate the mutual support of soldiers. For example, soldiers who attack remotely will stand behind a melee soldier. It is also necessary to understand the strength of our troops against enemy forces to get reasonable coping plans.

Gradually, this skill will help you in real life, as you can easily become a businessperson even if you have not been trained through a specialized school in this field, or you will simply always find practical solutions to solve problems arising in life.

2. Physical thinking

There are quite a number of games that require players to use physics-related calculations in life, and they are often games of shooting opponents. You will have to calculate the required angle, the wind direction, and even the weight of the bullet. Once you have calculated these factors correctly, you will easily hit the target and laugh arrogantly when the opponent misses you.

This skill is useful when you play sports, especially those that make use of a ball: football, basketball, and baseball, to name but a few. With the knowledge of physics obtained, you will control the ball on your own and achieve high scores when playing.

3. Typing skills

Day after day, players’ keyboard skills will improve.

Almost everyone who plays games, especially MMOs, becomes proficient with the keyboard. This is simply because MMOGs are community-based — you should not play the game without communicating with other players. Some MMOGs support voice chat, but almost all gamers prefer to chat with text rather than speaking because it is easy to express emotions and thoughts.

Not only do gamers want to fully express their emotions, but they also want to quickly express what they want to say. To make chatting fast and correct, players must remember all the buttons on the keyboard. Day after day, players’ keyboard skills will improve. At that time, you will have to wonder and laugh when some schools have classes on keyboard skills or buy typing training software. Although your skills are not trained in a formal way, it is not a matter of concern because the core is still to be able to type quickly and accurately.

4. Hand-eye coordination

You can coordinate hand and eye movement when you play top racing games online for a long time. It is easy to identify a veteran gamer through their manipulation. A novice gamer sometimes has to squint down at the keyboard or gamepad to press the button exactly, while the veteran gamer only needs to look at the screen to do a series of manipulations on the control device.

These reflexes help you gain other skills in life. For instance, you can use musical instruments to play music just by looking at the notes in the book, but this reflex usually appears most when playing sports, and you can even listen to the radio while driving without causing an accident.

Learning how to get better hand-eye coordination helps you get good health, controlling skills, and the ability to solve unexpected situations. Try to imagine that you are walking on the road and suddenly there is a ball flying — good hand-eye coordination will help you to avoid catching the ball with your face.

Another fact, thanks to this effect, is that children can convince adults to allow them to play games. Thinking to help your child get the necessary skills in life makes some families willing to spend a certain amount of money every month on games.

5. Gain teammates

If you can build good relationships in the game, it's not hard to make friends in real life.

MMORPGs and MMOFPSs are games that require high levels of teamwork. In MMOGs, a community is an important factor in attracting players. You will find for yourself a certain clan or guild in the game, build friendships with other gamers, go to level training, hunt bosses, or compete against another team. This will make your gaming more interesting than just fighting alone. At the same time, while fighting with teammates, each member will be aware of their responsibilities and try to fulfill their tasks well. The winning team is the team with the smoothest coordination and highest mutual support between the members.

Whether in the game or in real life, we always need the help of people around to complete the job, and if you can build good relationships in the game, it's not hard to make friends in real life.

6. Calmness and energy

Everyone must go through a "newbie" stage in a certain game, but sadly, there are people who always consider themselves better than other people. When playing with these people, they easily insult your honor just because you play badly. If you get angry and find a way to respond, things will go nowhere. That just makes you angrier and leads to other excessive actions.

If this is the case, please endure and find a way to prove your strength to them. Studying, researching, and participating in discussions on forums will help you get a better fighting skill in the game. Although you have the lower skill level, you can defeat those with higher ones when playing MMORPGs, or simply using a pistol that deals a "headshot" to a person equipped with a heavy gun and armor (thanks to the purchase of items) in MMOFPSs, and this will make them change their minds about you.

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