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Bio Statement Top 8 board games you should have on your Android

Board games are the kind of game which can bring people closer to each other. Each board game has unique gameplay and rules, so the players must learn and follow the rules. Board games have different types, but whatever the kind of board game is or how you play it, its benefits are amazingly useful to you - not just for bringing people closer, breaking the wall of each player, but by playing board games you can also develop skills and your minds. For example, you will have quicker reactions, the ability to build plans and strategies; and you can also improve your communication skills. 

Besides, you can make new friends and get to know more about them as well as your own strengths and weaknesses. 

In this article, we give you the top 8 coolest board games for you to try out on mobile. 

Catan is a board game in which you choose an island for your own and start to build houses and other things on it. The hexagon symbols on the map refer to the resources on the island. The player will have to exploit resources and use them to construct buildings. Try your best to build a powerful kingdom; besides, other sites will bring you food and ingredients to maintain life in the progress of forming and developing your empire. You’ll also have to do commodity exchanges and defend yourself from enemies. Download Catan and experience the game with friends. 

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 Ticket to ride
Ticket to Ride is the perfect game for those who love to play board games. This game simulates New York’s railways and your mission is collecting cards on each round. The goal is to have the deck of cards with the highest points and complete your construction of these railways. Try out the new style of board games by downloading Ticket to Ride on your Android and play it with your friends. 

Carcassonne is a famous board game which comes from Germany. It needs at least two people to play and five is the maximum amount of players for this game. Carcassonne was released in the year 2000 by a German called Klaus-Jürgen Wrede and is suitable for people above 8 years of age. Carcassonne is about building ancient towns by putting pieces together in a logical way. When you’ve done it, castles, churches, fields and roads will appear. It may sound simple but Carcassonne gives you an intense feeling when you have to compete with five other players. The points you achieve depend on the size and scale of the completed constructions. You can play Carcassonne both online and offline, which is entirely your choice. Download Carcassonne now to get the coolest moments competing and constructing with friends. 

Mahjong! is a free board game, which is somewhat like a solitaire game. This game uses Mahjong tiles, its gameplay doesn’t have a lot to say since it is so simple. Just match mahjong tiles with each other to win. There is a daily mission, which is updated every day for you to complete and claim rewards. Customisable themes are also a strength of this game. Also, you can play this game with just one hand in portrait mode. Matching open tiles with each other, removing them for spaces and collecting stars for the new levels are the rules of the game. If you want a relaxed board game, then Mahjong! is the game for you. 
Chess Free

Chess Free is the board game for those who like mind games. This game requires a lot of thinking - you will have to think clearly before making a move. That’s the key to every chess game. Chess Free is the number 1 game in the ranking of chess games. The game is free for you to download and it has no paid content. Its features are updated and improved in every new version. Enjoy intense chess matches with NPC or friends with Chess Free. 
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Pandemic is a board game, but its gameplay is somehow different from others. While other board games’ gameplay mostly center around competing with friends or having a highly competitive element, Pandemic’s gameplay is the opposite. This game makes you have to team up with friends, working with each other to defend the city from destruction from outsiders. Alongside with protecting your city, you will also have to find a way to cure the disease to save mankind. Unfortunately, Pandemic doesn’t have a high-level AI version, which means players have to play online with teammates or to use pass-and-play mode. Try this game out to develop teamwork with friends. 
Uno & Friends 

Uno & Friends is a board game developed by Gameloft. This game’s goal was to deliver fun to everyone. Uno & Friends is the most favoured card game in the world. With the release of Uno & Friends, playing Uno with family, friends and millions of players all around the world has never been this easy. Once you’ve started with Uno, it’s easy to play and incredibly hard to stop playing. Become the Uno champion by winning tournaments with players worldwide. Download Uno now and try out this classic card-playing game. 
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Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein is the third part in a series of strategy games developed by Shenandoah Studio. Playing this game, you’ll get to choose one of the two sides entering the battle at El Alamein. The severe weather of the desert will affect the work of logistics somewhat, so you will have to make the right move. Giving the right orders in each turn is the key to victory. Attacking the enemy or defending in front of enemy’s attack, it’s all your choice. Desert Fox: The battle of El Alamein is a board game worth trying, so download it now and play.