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Bio Statement Due to the fact that Ninjas love cookies, you may think it is their secret to learning all the fast, soundless moves. Actually, there is a cookie-like dry food for our skilfull Ninja called katayaki. However, it is also not only the secret cookies which have made Ninjas become a phenomenon. It’s the result of their hard training courses. Start your own training with these best online games you have to try right away - Top free games with these top 10 Ninja games and skill up to fight like a Ninja.


Eliminate your enemies and improve your Ninja skill.

 This is a multiplayer Ninja game, you need to find a match online to start the game. To complete the game tasks you need to move and react really quick. Each of the players will control a single Ninja character and you can move your Ninja around by using the WASD keys. There are various weapon options for you to pick. You can jump, use tricks and run to fight the enemies. There are also 2 different modes to play, capture the flag and deathmatch. Try to eliminate the enemies that block your way as much as you can. In the flag modes, you must steal a flag and bring it to your base. Let’s practice your Ninja fighting skills with this game. 

2. Ninja Slash 

Being a Ninja in the bloody Zombies’ world, it is so exciting just to think about. Take those monsters down with all of your Ninja skills. You can dash, duck, and slash to get rid of those Zombies. To bring back the peaceful atmosphere to the world you need to protect yourself first before being crushed by the oncoming wave of Zombies. There is a Shadow Cloak that will keep you safe. You can power up and unlock more characters by earning more coins. Start your adventurous journey in Zombieland and crushing all of them for a better world.  

3. Ninja Volleyball

For your information, Ninja still plays sports.

 Who said that Ninja always just practice fighting skills. They actually play sports, too. Try this game and start your Ninja Volleyball training course. This is a 2-player game and you need company to practice with. This Volleyball battle is another great chance to learn fighting skills. It is a combination of the Japanese Ninja Skill with Volleyball. Your game character will take part in a sports battle and gain experience like a true Ninja fighter. Let’s try on this online games no download multiplayer  

4. Lego Ninjago Skybound

Ninjago land is threatened by the devil Djinn Nadkhan. All the land people are living in fear now and your mission is to put everything in its place. Stopping the evil Djinn is the main task through all the levels.  To achieve these goals you need to be brave and keep your mind in the battle. You will take on a role as Jay and start rescuing other innocent victims as Lloyd, Kai, Wu, Cole, Nya and Zane. Game on and become the one and only hero for the Island.  

5. I Am the Ninja 2

Ninja also can be cute with tough fighting skill.

 Your Ninja skills will be tested in this awesome game. Master Ninja will test your fighting abilities - that’s why he put you in a series of challenges. There are numbers of trials that will improve your Ninja fighting skill. The game runs smoothly and has an adorable Ninja look with its beautiful graphics.  Your Ninja will earn stars on the way to the final gate. The challenges that the Ninja Master gives may be deadly sometimes. Just make sure that you can get through those risky challenges and be safe on the way to the last gate. You can show your true Ninja talent by completing all the challenges and proving that you are a true Ninja. Give it a try and impress your Ninja Master. 

6. Ski Ninja

You will join in a realistic game with many cute Ninja game characters. On your way to reaching the final round, you have to deal with a lot of obstacles. The more obstacles you get through, the more coins you will earn. Use these coins to recharge your energy and unlock more Ninja characters. The theme is not traditional with building and rooftops. This time you will have opportunities to practice your skill in cold weather. Gather up your energy and do not let the snow fog or snow mountain stop you to finish your skiing turn. 

7. Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu Slash

Let’s have some fun while boost up your Ninja slashing abilities.

 You will experience a fun time in this fighting game. Get inspired by the Lego Ninjago Movie, this game is about highly trained Ninja. You will master your sword skill by cutting through numerous objects. They include many objects such as tacos, milk, pickles, and burgers. Slash as many as objects as you can to earn more points. Because there are a vast amount of objects, you will get a bonus point by slicing multiple types of objects. Keep your slash sword away from the green Ninjago token. It will be game over for your third time slashing on them.» Read more: How to play the best free online games now at 

8. Super Slime Smash

Ninja can be cute, right? In this game, you will take part in a fun ride with a cutie Ninja. To survive through all stage, you need to move quickly and eliminate all the blocking objects. There are a lot of enemies and boxes on the line. All you need to do is to keep your eyes and hand in harmony because they are quite unpredictable. Who said a Ninja cannot be cute and tough at the same time. Complete all the challenges and prove yourself as a skillful Ninja. 

9. Run Ninja Run

Let’s improve your Ninja running skill in this spectacular game. Get your feet ready for a long risk-taking run. Your Ninja character can jump, dash and slide to escape the enemies. It is no need to fight back all time, right? Keep scrolling and running to complete the challenges on the way. You will gain more coins through each round and upgrade to the faster Ninja with more skills. Just follow the arrow sign and leave your enemies behind. You also can collect gold on the way and get prizes as the fastest Ninja ever.