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Thrillville Off the Rails

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Thrillville: Off the Rails


Thrillville's single-player campaign puts you in the role of a manager of a whole theme park. Your goals in this game include creating the happiness of the guests, making sure the critics give your park nice compliments, and preventing your opponent (another theme park!) from ruining the reputation of your park. At the beginning of the game, you are given a theme park broken into three distinctly themed areas.

After completing different missions such as engaging in minigames, building some specific rides, and managing your staff, you will be given thrill points, these points help unlocking new parks with each of them has its own theme.

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Coasters Building And Customization

In this game, you play the role of a park’s manager

In Thrillville: off the Rails, building coasters is pretty simple. In case you're not interested in designing your own roller coaster, try to purchase pre-built rides. However, buying them would mean you didn’t give yourself the chance to enjoy one of the game's best aspects. Let us say it again; building a crazy coaster is very easy in this game. All you have to do is choose your desired type (some of them are wooden, hanging, flume) and start dropping pieces of rail tracks into place. With this, you can complete your first coaster in several minutes. More than that, such amazing features like flaming hoops, brick walls, loops, corkscrews, and more can all be added by selecting a piece from the menu and dropping wherever you want!

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Pay attention to the ride’s nausea, though. You wouldn’t want it to go too high. However, since this is a “thrilling” roller coaster game, why not go crazy all the way? You can create a thing called "crash coaster." Yes, just like its name – which means the car reaches the track’s end and flies right off. This might sound insane, but the on-board customer can safely parachute gently to the ground, and they will love it!

A variety of minigames!

Like we mentioned above, in order to unlock new features, you sometimes need to participate in Thrillville’s minigames! There are 50 minigames available in this game. Some of them are original games and can be very fun to play with. There are different types of game and they go from first-person shooters; puzzle, racing, to flying games. What makes it great is that you can play these minigames anytime you want to. From the game's main menu in a party game format, you can also have access to play these games. These missions provide you enough satisfaction in case you need a break from running and managing your park.

You have to build, manage, and complete many different missions

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Once playing Thrillville: Off The Rails, there are two main options as you play – First, you can spend hours building your park. Second, you can just play the game’s minigames. Since this is a game for family and friends, rather than enjoying it alone, why not gather a group of your beloved people together and play the minigames like it’s a party game! After all, what makes a game great lies in the way you use it to connect with other people!

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