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3 signs you're not working out hard enough to lose weight


Besides have a healthy eating plan and using some kinds of Weight Loss Pills that work, working out always play an important role in your losing weight journey.

Although any kind of physical activity is better than doing nothing, some of them are better than others regarding bringing overall effectiveness. And may think they are getting a good workout by spending an hour doing well reading a magazine on the stationary bike. In fact, if you leave the gym and your makeup still perfectly intact, you're probably not working hard enough as you think.

If your workout doesn’t work anymore, the reasons below could be to blame.

1. You don’t monitor your heart rate
Your heart rate should always fluctuate between 75% of your maximum when you start out to 100% when you are doing a high- intensity interval training (HIIT) or on a cardio machine. (Let’s subtract your age from 220, the result is your maximum heart rate). Using a heart-rate monitor is an easy way to let you know where your heart is at in real time. Some people misunderstand that sweating is the only indicator to measure if you are working out hard enough or not. Actually, some people are easier to sweating than others. So investment for a heart-rate monitor is definitely worthy and is the most effective way to consider your intensity level.

Picture: 1. Using a heart-rate monitor is an easy way to let you know where your heart is at

2. You can hold a conversation when working out
Chatting with your friends when you are running or doing the gym could be a very nice way to pass the time. However, if you expect that activity to help you lose weight, it can let you down. Holding a conversation during your workout means that you are not working hard enough. The best way to measure your effort on high-intensity days is if you’re able to form full sentences during the hardest parts of the workout. And if you’re chatting the minutes away, it’s time to bump up the speed, says personal trainer Pete McCall.

Picture: 2.holding a conversation during your workout means that you are not working hard enough

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3. You are not sore the next day
No pain, no gain. Waiting for 24 hours to see how you feel after working out is a good way to tell how hard you did it. When you exercise, you cause microscopic damage to your muscles. These muscles then adapt, repair themselves, and grow stronger. Basically, you should feel at least a little soreness after a workout; if not, you probably didn't stimulate your muscle enough to get results. Let’s give yourself a day in between. It’s the time to rest and rebuild those sore muscle groups while you work another, alternating days, so you don’t overwork one particular group.

Picture: 3. No pain, no gain

Losing weight is really difficult. It takes a lot of time. You need to focus and even be creative. Not only do you need to change the intensity of your workout, but also the variety of what you are doing. Start by challenging your body to do something it not used to doing, stop chatting when working out and pay attention to your heart rate. It can help a lot. And if you want to lose weight without going on a diet or exercising, you can use the diet pills. Do you know What are the best weight loss pills for men? (Read the detailed article in this link!)

Hope that you can find the suitable way to lose weight. Bye and see you next time!