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Garner Mose

Bio Statement Hi there, my name is Darren and I've been an artist for the past 35 years. I was born in Yorkshire but moved to the far north of Scotland in 2001. Over the last 3 decades I have produced limited edition sporting prints, landscapes, sculptures and doll portraits using elements of photography as well as doing one-off commissions. In 2012 I became quite ill and had to give up working, and I didn't produce any artwork for over 5 years. In Art Prints For Cancer Research started to experiment with my artwork again and produced a couple of simple line drawn tattoo designs. I've started and completed a couple of serious art projects since then and my attention to detail and consistency has improved. In December 2017 I started this website with a view to improving my artwork, raise some money for charity and to help me recover from a long and debilitating illness. There's not much to see at the moment but hopefully, over the coming months and years, the content of the gallery will grow. I hope that you like my work.