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Bio Statement Which coffee maker for your home, which coffee maker for the office? Who goes on a shopping tour, faces a wide selection of coffee makers: Would you like a fully automatic, semi-automatic or portafilter, a capsule or pod machine or a classic coffee machine with filter.

Before we get into the various coffee machines, there are two important questions to clarify: How many cups of coffee you need per day? And how much time you want to spend per cup? Here there are clear differences between the privately used devices that morning one or two cups and the same amount perhaps again to produce the evening, and an office machine which must supply several dozen cups per hour.

Which coffee maker with drastic price differences?

In addition to ease of use and speed, the cost in operation should also be observed. I do not mean water and energy, but the basis of each coffee - the bean or powder. When coffee beans and ground coffee powder or sachets as capsules and pads, there are clear differences in quality. From of the valuable raw material "coffee bean", the most complex machine does not extract tasty hot drinks. Pricey does not automatically mean good. The differences in price per cup of coffee preparation systems are among the enormously high.

Coffee machine: Convenient and cheap

As the first choice for quick and easy coffee preparation are fully automatic. Depending on the equipment they supply espressos, but also cappuccino, cafe latte or latte macchiato at the touch of a button. But it is also important in choosing the correct fully automatic machines to observe details and to distinguish between important and unnecessary features.

Capsule coffee machine: Convenient but expensive

A capsule machine brings convenience in brewing coffee. About the right amount of coffee powder you do not have to worry. The capsule systems are the motto, select flavor, insert the capsule, wait and enjoy the espresso. But the convenience is the price. And before that it is important to choose the right from many competing capsule systems.

Coffee pod machine: Simple principle, strong price

A coffee pod machine promises the comfort of the capsule systems for something cheaper. But really lies in the coffee-saving potential? And what's with the weak brewing pressure on yourself? Is it at the end just for nice packaged filter coffee?

Espresso Machine: For lovers

If the focus is on the celebration of espresso preparation and perfection of craft skills as a barista, there is no way to past a filter holder espresso machine. But even here there are big differences in price and performance. You should also note that it will require not only the physical machine, nor any other devices.

American coffee: Proven brewing method

If you prefer filter coffee choose from classic coffee machines, which operate on the conventional brewing methods. Again, there are now many innovations such as integrated coffee grinders or combined with the filter method milk foam preparation.