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Duggan Figueroa

Bio Statement is very unfashionable to think that art can ‘do' anything for us. There is an assumption in our culture that art isn't ‘for' anything in particular. A love map” exercise got me to contemplate the gaps in our friendship and ways to fill them.

I love reading about Southern mannerisms and this book had plenty of those to keep me happy.

The epidermis, or outer skin layer, begins to thin and the number of pigment cells diminishes.

Using it twice a week will plump up the skin, improve elasticity and brighten skin tone.

It is the identical cloak in which she appeared to me for the first time, as goddess of love.

The sex was steamy as usual and I love how both of them share themselves so easily.skinceuticals

This created a disconnect with the rest of the series, but makes Skin Heat a good stand-alone read.

And then she turned the morally ambiguous Foster into a very intense romantic interest in Skin Tight.

Like it or not, by the time you hit forty, skin health is as big an issue as skin beauty. and the Highland Beast is the first book in the newest series by this author.

Scientists don't yet know what a ‘healthy' skin microbial population looks wars

As a clinician, I'd seen the damage caused by following an inappropriate skin care routine.