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Krag Vilhelmsen

Bio Statement When Kaveran meets Kayna and they fall in love, their romance seems to eerily echo that of their namesakes in a local legend.  Beauty is the story of Sleeping Beauty with some Beauty and the Beast thrown in for good measure.

Just like in the classic story, the Queen is jealous of anyone who rivals her beauty.

The path of unconditional love maybe wider yet the connection of love may not be experienced as deeply.

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The subtraction of beauty as a standard for art hardly signals a decline of the authority of beauty.

Cade and Palmer's relationship was the story Hollywood movies are made of. Until wasn' wars

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SKIN embodies everything that both interests and frustrates me about Ted Dekker.

But even he has to make an effort to NOT look at Beauty (the assumed name of our heroine).

At was certainly the most expensive single ever produced,” says Love.

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