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Wolff Conner

Bio Statement The three little words soon to be on every woman's lips are Eat, Pray, Love”, says Myra Butterworth. When we feed and support our own happiness, we are nourishing our ability to love.

Her skin was sickly pale, hollow circles underlining her puffy, blood-shot eyes.

So long odds or not, in the interim between non-existences, I have this life but more so, love.

Twenty years on and CACI facials remain unrivalled in their ability to lift and firm your skin.

You met him in your final year at Unilag, and you felt a tug at your heart that you swore was love.

I love the concept and I really wanted to like this film, but in the end it's just a big disappointment.

Even I keep beauty products longer than I should — especially if they're expensive.

I love emotional angst, but not tragedy, in rapid and sometimes endless succession.

Many of the un-enlightened look to the title track as the romantic song of the Tunnel of Love album.

I love Sutton, even with her past she is as strong as a person can be. dig this is sassy and tagsskink

Apply at night otherwise you slip over and Sanctuary Intensive Rescue Heel Balm (£6.95, , softens skin. and intelligence, it turned out, were far more strongly correlated than genetics and intelligence.