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Christa Mrozek and Heiko Fliedl are the top after the launch of the positions this week of Namibia.

The Namibian Table Tennis Association (NTTA) formally released its year-end positions for its various playing classes. The positions were composed of points.

In the group, Windhoek and Swakopmund Open winner Heiko Fleidl took within the position from last year's number one Ramon Hansen and never gave it.

1084 points were obtained by the SKW Table Tennis Club member, 213 more. The native himself had clinching the Open name on the way.

Johann Malan transferred by a place, pushing into spot.

Danre Dennis (Eliminators Club) has been the most advanced player, finishing the season in 20th location. He started as player.

By claiming the top spot in the class together with his spouse Reinolt 21, Fleidl topped off a fantastic year. While his spouse and Ramon Hansen had to settle for second location the pair ended with 591 points. Charles Cui Yunke and Colin Wang Yuqing arrived in third.

2014 season's Women's Player was Christa Mrozek, who this season won two gold medals in the U60 and U50 categories . Runner-up was. The NTTA called to combine with the 2015 table tennis match.

Darren Strauss Swakopmund, of Westside High School once performed player. His acting skill earned him a position this past year at the senior team that went into the group world championships in Tokyo, Japan. Strauss was a part of the national side of Namibia that engaged at the Zone .

The season was finished by the kid with an 1152 points. His nearest competition, Dietrich Mowes (DHPS), gathered 985 points.

Another participant was PW Steenkamp. Hailing from the village of Stampriet, Steenkamp spanned a few surprises last 29, when he won the Windhoek Open against all likelihood. Steenkamp was chosen to represent Namibia at the African American Youth Games in May in Botswana.

The improved boy was by Raimo Dengeinge of DHPS School. After having started as an unseeded player, he finished the year.

The race to the triumph is between the leading U18 women player of Namibia Reese Saunderson and Kaitlyn Beukes. The 2 arch-rivals fulfilled keeping audiences on the edge of their seats, in every closing. While Saunderson came with 1057 points in second Beukes ended with 1070 points. The third spot went to Anja Steenkamp.

Jesse Joseph has been the U18 woman, ending in location.

Year-end standing (Top-10)

Senior Men:

1. Heiko Fleidl 1084

2. Cui Yunke 871

3. Johann Malan 653

4. Wayne Green 652

5. Theo Beukes 559

6. Ashley Julius 544

7. Fabian Tait 517

8. Reinhardt Stanley 509

9. Ramon Hansen 497

10. Reinholt Schurz 437

Senior Doubles:

1. Heiko Fleidl/Reinholt Schurz 591

2. Ramon Hansen/Partner 499

3. Colin Wang Yuqing/Charles Cui Yunke 436

4. Theo Beukes/Wayne Green 406

5. Johann Malan/Reinhardt Stanley 317

6. Ashley Julius/Roger Beukes 235

7. Johann Malan/Theo Beukes 184

8. Ramon Hansen/Wayne Green 176

9. Heiko Fleidl/Johann Malan 157

10. Leroy Beukes/Danre Dennis 137

U18 Boys:

1. Darren Strauss 1152

2. Dietrich Mowes 985

3. PW Steenkamp 847

4. Ronaldo Vogel 697

5. Conwin van Wyk 682

6. Ethan Januarie 664

7. Raimo Dengeinge 537

8. Romario Olivier 474

9. Polla Thornburn 434

10. Danco Burger 399

U18 Girls:

1. Kaitlyn Beukes 1070

2. Reese Saunderson 1057

3. Anja Steenkamp 588

4. Ciara Thornburn 506

5. Jesse Joseph 484

6. Jana Hein 255

7. Nicole van Wyk 250

8. Clarise Feris 226

9. Faghma Coleman 189

10. Beulah van Wyk 174