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I heard you're trying to acquire a nickname.Yeah. People have a Tough time Whole name. What's the worst pronunciation of your final Name you've discovered? A Lot of things. A bunch of stuff. Get stuck on Gag and they simply start to say it.

Pierre-Luc is simpler,so perhaps I will just use this. What are some possible nicknames you've considered? My friends back home call PL or me P. I was being called the Notorious PLG the other day by Shrewgy. I was considering it. It isnot up to me to give myself a nickname. What about Luke Perry?Kind of cheesy. I don't listen to Beverly Hills 90210. Peter Luck. That is my thought.Yeah, except I do not consider myself that Blessed.

Do French Canadians suffer in the skate Their names can't be said by industry because individuals? Yeah. Much like Dan Pageau, it is always said by people Like Dan Pa-goo. I believe we begin a step behind as far. When I firstturned pro I didn't really bother to consider this picture deal. I was really young and that I just thought about skating. I neverthought of changing my name right from the start, because people know me as this and it is tougher. What made you start skating vert Pressure era? I started before that.

I began in '89.What made a little child want to skate vert?You see it on TV. There is a lot of speed and a Great deal of alr on vert. I believe there's a stream on vert. When you choose arun you can perform lots of tricks. It's not just all trying a single trick all day. Was it challenging skating vert by yourself?I started skating then and street and vert When vert died I skated a great deal of mini-ramp.

 I had been skating vert, however notmuch, so he was pretty much constantly my partner in crime Max Dufour was there to skate with me. I understand your dad helped you.Back in '92 he helped us get a skatepark with all the Town in Boucherville. So it is pretty hard to advance, back home, inMontreal, we have snow five months from he year. Without that, a way wasn't .

Were there ever any times you want your daddy Wasn't around much with your skating? I don't really care what people think. They Do not know me. Because your daddy is with you people are very fast to pass judgement.My dad was fairly cool like a buddy, with me. People thought my dad was pushing on me like a trainer or something, but he is not like that.

My dad enjoys it and is really into skateboarding. He would just take some time from work to come to the contests. Iwas only pretty stoked that he was reassuring and I am bummed that people took it a different way. Can you really do handplants?When I was younger I used to do them. I can not Do them so good I stopped doing them.

Bonelesses?I can do fastplants. I like to do those kinds Of tricks sometimes--like conduct and jump back in. Those things are fun. I can notdo some laybacks, however.

I wish that I could, 'cause that's a fairly cool trick. When we perform add-a-trick, I can not do them. What rode for Vision like?It was for your own cash. I can tell you that. I Did not have a board sponsor for awhile so I tried it and they made me a goodoffer, money-wise. It didn't work out because they were assumed to build a brand new team up.

The Vision men slept on it and Itried to get him on, although Carlos DeAndrade didn't have a board sponsor. I wished to start a business or make Vision better,but they never actually got things going. I got sick of being the team so I quit. What is your record that is handrail?I know I did eight or 10 stairs, such as 50-50, Lipslide, and twisted grind. May be 10 stairs. Is there East versus West steak in Canada?Not really.

Occasionally there can be English Versus French among Canadians. Occasionally when we go to Toronto, peopleflick and-- maybe not skaters, but just people -- will try with us. Especially if they visit our Quebec plates. Last time people tried tofight with me, but involving skaters it is always cool. What do you think of this vert skaters Who have been doing exactly the same run?

 They are only in it for the price. They have Just stuck with it 'cause it is the one thing that they know how to do. But that isthe thing about skateboarding--make your own tricks up and you would like to progress and express yourself. They don't bringanything new to it, although they do this. How do you say Skate and Destroy in French?We'd just say it.