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NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY, you can only hold On to so much of the past. Your grandparents' phone may be connected to the wall with a cable, without checking our Facebook status from anywhere in the world within an 43, but we can't go more than a couple of minutes.

Sure, the phone service is not as good as grandma's, but the trade-off is.

Within these next pages I present to you The future's skateboarders. This might be the first time you heard of some of these men.

Much like when there comes a cell phone that is new out, these kids have a lot of tricks. But, much like new mobiles, others who are more tech will won't stand the test of time and replace some of those skaters. Some things from yesteryear stand up to the evaluation--such as the consistency and reliability of a telephone that's plugged in to the wall.

BEN HATCHELL DOESN'T HAVE AN IPHONE. He is Still rocking one of these normal cell phones with portability and good reception—the best of both worlds? Much like the skating that took him to the top spot at Phoenix Am, Ben unites what functions of both the old and new. Cab back Smiths on the hubba and 540s on transition make it clear that, although the rest of us are upgrading our standing on Facebook, Ben's too busy skating for that shit.


PAST: Skating with Tyler Franz.

FUTURE: Space dome!

PAST: Slappies.

FUTURE: A mind.


PAST: I miss. Richard Rubio the many; his ashes.

FUTURE: Cow Palace.


PAST: Actual skateboarding, the competitions on Basketball courts, and really going skating.

FUTURE: Seeing the constant evolution of Something I love, and the PHX AM is shredded by also getting to watch all of the locals each year.

PAST: Singing, "I don't need to grow up, I am a Toys R Us kid!"

FUTURE: Using a fleet of R2D2 droids that I Can boss around. Picture R2 units cruising round at a skatepark stickering, hanging banners, cleaning ... If the cops come, I will say, "These aren't the droids you're looking for."


PAST: I miss from skating, not getting as sore.

FUTURE: Traveling, and skating as I can.


The Desert West skatepark was the first Site after a hiatus, the competition, and for PHX Am has returned. The park's been attracted to the future with a remodel. When it was built, both- airwalks and and a volcano was a centerpiece to receive your pressure flips on. But times have changed, so California Skateparks have assembled contemporary hurdles via a generous donation from Vans. The centerpiece reflects the development into abstract, gnarlier, and larger terrain, complete with taller rails, bank-to-ledges, and a set ideal for today's contemporary moves--such as 180s to change backside 5-0s.



What do you miss about the past? HB skatepark sessions.

What do you anticipate later on? A Schwarzenegger movie.


PAST: Moving for a certain reason, to school.

FUTURE: Being an old guy sitting at a park reading skate mags.


PAST: I miss living off my parents, and not Having to be concerned about what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. Also, having a trampoline in my backyard.

FUTURE: A house with a, and a dog, and a best skateboards.



PAST: Being a boy without a care in the world.

FUTURE: Having a threesome. That'd be tight, fa-sho!



PAST: When you're young, you dont have to Worry about anything

FUTURE: meeting folks Traveling, and having Great times!

PAST the old spots I used to skate as a Kid who are gone.

FUTURE: Seeing exactly what the next generation of Skateboarders will be doing.



PAST: The innocence of youth. Nothing mattered But fun in sunlight.

FUTURE: I anticipate the end being nearer Than we thought.



PAST: Becoming a kid, living my off parents' dime, and skating around Maui.

FUTURE: Obtaining my two front teeth replaced And getting off my bum and traveling. Exploring the world.



PAST: I miss Tim Ward's home. Those were some wacky times.

FUTURE: Traveling along with my buddy Ari Shiffrin's Part in Peter Vlad's movie Droido



PAST: Sessions with all the homies who transferred away.

FUTURE: The strip club tonight, for my 21st!




How would you get into announcing contests?

Neal Hendrix asked me to declare a Woodward Competition and they enjoyed what I did. After that, Neal talked me up to a people, since he judged, and Mike Sinclair did exactly the same. It took off from there. I enjoy doing this.

Are pro contests announced by you, too? Shouldn't You be skating for the prize money in them?

I declare contests, yes. I skated in Tampa Pro--? I'm not going to beat those machines. Because they fly me there, I just plan skating following the contests and take the guaranteed money from the announcing job.

What are a few announcing dos and don'ts?

It depends who you're working for. Some places Want jokes, and a few do not. At the end of the day I only need to keep it fun. what size skateboard

There is a play-by-play when it's being killed by someone Fairly easy. When the man is sucking, what do you do?

Do not make them feel awful about it. Everybody Has off days. I will bring up something else; thank sponsors, be reassuring.

What's something you've heard from fellow announcer Dave Duncan?

You have to accept the reality that Duncan is Some kind also also to never Think for one instant that you could live the party lifestyle that is nonstop that he does. Duncan is on another level.