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education costs

by Amelia Goldwin (2017-08-08)

Did a quick search to find: 
Education Costs Rising Faster Than Health Care 
So, with all the big brains commenting here, I'm sure if that trend has changed or reversed since 2009 I'll hear about it. Based upon the results I see, neither the job preparation or prospects, nor more importantly the critical liberal arts skills of critical analysis or synthesis of conflicting information and tolerance of opposing views merits that rise in cost.  
Oh yeah, I would probably support some sort of preferences for minority or disadvantaged applicants to create a diverse student body, but that's not gonna happen if if you allow those folks to wall themselves off in special interest dormitories. If you want diverse folks to learn to live together and get along, those folks with diverse backgrounds and cultures have to live together and learn to get along. As claimed by writers at, no safe spaces, no special interest housing, no trigger warning (as there are not in life I might add), no shutting down speakers, faculty, or other students with opposing views. Some of the most important lessons in life aren't learned in the classroom.