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A Pilot Trial of Jawarish Amla as Adjuvant to Anti-Tubercular Treatment Drugs for Control of Adverse Reactions in DOTS Regime in Pulmonary TB Patients

by Melissa Collins (2016-03-16)

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A Pilot Trial of Jawarish Amla as Adjuvant to Anti-Tubercular Treatment Drugs for Control of Adverse Reactions in DOTS Regime in Pulmonary TB Patients

by sara heil (2016-07-25)

Axonal neuropathy also called distal axonopathy or axonopathy is kind of peripheral neuropathy  resulting from metabolic derangement of peripheral nervous system neuron. Some metabolic  diseases  like diabetes and ... Read more

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by Raquel Queiroz (2017-03-10)

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by Alison Daewon (2017-05-10)

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by Olive Grey (2017-05-10)

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Augusto Cury.

by Rafael Sóbis (2017-05-25)

Eu sofri durante muitos anos com transtorno de ansiedade. Mas depois que fiz o curso do Dr. Augusto Cury aprendi como tratar a ansiedade sem remédios e minha vida mudou.


by Rafael Sóbis (2017-05-25)

Eu consegui aprende como fazer tcc sem drama e sem sofrimento. Tudo isso em menos de uma semana.

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