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by Paul Ingwenya (2017-03-30)

Caimans are smaller than their African and American cousins usually growing to five or six feet long. Some crocodiles also dig burrows into the banks of lakes or rivers. Larger individuals maintain stable body temperatures in the preferred range of 30–32 °C (86–90 °F) for several hours, even overnight. Torino's styling interpretation is to maintain the matte finish using Caiman skins and to develop styles. After two or three months, the young are fully developed and ready to hatch. The production cycle is divided into four steps: 1) the collection and incubation of the eggs, 2) the first growth phase of about six months, 3) second growth phase until slaughtering depending on the size of the skin and 4) processing before local tanning or export. Although trade is allowed for some wildlife products, crocodile skin rifle sling you should always check whether a permit is required, especially for the export of plants, insects and shells.

“Saltwater crocodile” is a bit of a misnomer, anyway. Throughout our early croc-catching endeavours we utilized every known capture technique.

In South Africa, crocodiles found in the harbor have generally been pushed out by more dominant animals and are searching for a new place to live. In many cases, the female opens the eggs carefully with her tongue and carries the hatchlings in her mouth. And these places are magical, just pristine.