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by leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-23)

DWTS halloween costumes outlet SEASON 21: WEEK 2 COSTUME CRITIQUE Paula and Louis danced the Rumba in black. I enjoyed Louis' satin tuxedo tucked bib on his traditional-looking shirt, worn open and untucked. Paula's off-the-shoulder black chiffon poncho/butterfly sleeved top was classy, sexy and flattering with the open slit-sleeves. The wide bedazzled banding at her neckline and her satin slip dress maintained a tailored look for her. This was one of my favorite couple costumes, this week.

lingerie manufacturer chinaOther than the hundreds of rhinestones that gave their life for this costume, there was nothing visually exciting about it. But then, there were so many costumes needed this week that the costume staff must have just run out of inspiration or time. Let's hope they get a day's rest and are able to refresh for next week! Oh, and a big shout out to Alan Bersten from Minnesota, who we keep seeing more and more, each week on the show!

Hometown Glory is a new theme for Dancing underwear manufacturer china With the Stars, specifically with profiling the backgrounds of the professional dancers. It was a fun addition and we all learned more about our favorite dancers.

Starting off this week's first night, was Nick and Sharna doing the Jive in white band-uniform inspired costumes. I liked these costumes and can appreciate the sewers stitching their band uniform braid! (We've done a bit of that, here at Satin Stitches, in years past.) Their costumes were simple, yet elegant, and not hokey.

And then Hayes and Emma performed a race car inspired Fox Trot with the ugliest couple costumes of the week! Yikes – how unattractive can you make race car costumes? Hayes orange and white jumpsuit-looking costume was mimicked with Emma wearing a similar orange and white jacket with orange charmeuse Palazzo pants. Orange is definitely NOT the new black, in ballroom dance costumes!

I am sad to see the last dancing for Chaka and Keo, this season, as I'm sure many other fans will concur. Keo wore a traditional dapper suit, with a nod to ‘Mad Men' (the early years), created in maroon and black. Chaka was wearing a sort of smoking jacket looking outfit that came off looking dowdy, not edgy, to me. Her wide corset-belt accented a maroon crushed velvet paneled skirt with forgettable rhinestoned, maroon bodice.

Andy and Allison danced a Jive routine with Allison in a bright yellow 2-layer ruffled skirt with her waistline yoke at her natural waistline and a long-sleeved, open-backed crop top that was relatively attractive, but with double the costumes to make this week, the costume makers took a pass on Andy's (un)costume. His plain yellow shirt, plain black pants and tight, plain hunter green jacket were oh, so boring. Ho…hum…

Thankfully after three uninspired costume looks, Kim and Tony danced the Quick Step in lovely outfits that were classy and not trashy. Tony donned a traditional, well-fitting black suit to coordinate with Kim wearing an open-backed matte-finished top with a shiny satin charmeuse skirt, pulled together with lovely silver rhinestoned necklace detail, cuffs on her opera-length gloves and beautiful waistline accents. This couple looked very elegant.

But oops, back to boring, with Alek and Lindsay's Jazz routine costumes. The barefoot couple were wearing street clothes, with Lindsay in a western inspired fluffy dirndl skirt, stitch-detailed white top, fun belt and with that spark of excitement – rhinestoned briefs, which was the highlight of their costumes.

Alexa and Mark then danced a fun Salsa, with Alexa in a leopard-inspired costume complete with very leopard-like hair and makeup – good job makeup/hair department (along with the costume department)! Alexa's costume was sexy and flashy and made use of tufts of gold beaded fringe, dangling from her leopard printed garment. Mark played the part of a Safari hunter with his leather vest, khaki pants and basic green shirt – and outfit that any male ballroom dancer could pull together and pull off.

Victor and Karina danced the Jive, wearing costumes paying an homage to traditional Mexican costumes – a peasant costume for Karina and a Marimba band costume for Victor, both done in white with pastel trim accents. Their costumes were corny, yet kind of classy. We will miss this petite pair!

Tamar and Val danced a dynamite Cha Cha. Val was in a basic gold shirt, worn with traditional black tuxedo pants, complete with black satin side stripes. Tamar's sequin-fringed costume featured very long fringe that hung in deep diagonals on her skirt and with long fringe on her bodice. I'm always concerned that long fringe can conceal the body's shape, but her costume was created with diagonals that prevented a bulky look, keeping her sleek and sexy, in her middle-connect dress.

Gary and Anna danced the Fox Trot with Gary in a letter jacket with a touch of rhinestone detailing – an outfit any guy could find and wear. Anna wore a very pretty aqua and white polka-dot dress created with a 1950's influence in the styling. Her bodice was ruched and a sparkly belt adorned her natural waistline. If anyone doubts the return of the natural waist in current fashion, note all the natural waistline detailing with the DWTS costumes this season.

Carlos and Witney presented a flowing Fox Trot with a monochromatic color scheme. Carlos was very dapper in his green suit with black accents. Witney coordinated with her mint green chiffon gown with white underskirt and middle connect bodice. Silk flowers decorated her classy, feminine costume. This is another of my favorite couple costumes, this week.

And the opposite of soft femininity, was Bindi and Derek's hard rock Tango. Derek wore a black motorcycle jacket ensemble and Bindi wore a delightful Ombre-effect black bedazzled bodice that transitioned to gunmetal, paired with a floaty gunmetal lame skirt. It was the perfect marriage of hard and soft on another of my favorite couple costumes, this week.

For the second night of competition, Hayes and Emma redeemed themselves with their beautiful Quick Step costumes. The sparse, free-form, yet artistic multi-colored rhinestoned design that covered Emma's costume and used as an over-the-shoulder accent on Hayes black jacket, his skinny tie and on his trousers was delightful! This created a truly unique costume for DWTS. Many times we see the same costume, done just slightly different. The rhinestone decoration really created a totally new look. I loved it!

Carlos and Witney danced a Cha Cha with Carlos in a cliché cowboy outfit – something any guy could wear with leather vest, jeans, white shirt and cowboy belt and buckle. Witney wore a slightly classier version of a cheap, sexy saloon girl costume – the kind you see for Halloween. It was edgy, not sweet, with beaded appliqués, lots of pearls and raggy white tulle for the skirt. I sort of liked this pink satin-corset styled costume, as it was ‘interesting'.

But then my least favorite costume of both nights, was worn by Gary and Anna for their Russian inspired Paso Doble. Both costumes were overdone, ‘costumey' and trashy. Anna's unitard with belt and gored back skirt panels with headpiece looked like a bad Halloween costume. Gary emulated a Russian Knight with a cape, and also looked like a bad Halloween costume.

Andy and Allison danced a Contemporary routine, which seems to always put the guy in street clothes and the girl in lingerie. Allison's white costume was a step up from lingerie, and was a pretty, middle-connect, sheer dress with lots of stoned lace, but a pretty generic ballroom dance costume.

Alexa and Mark danced a beautiful Rumba with Mark in a longer-tailed white shirt and basic black trousers. Alexa wore a beautiful white, asymmetrical, ruched bodice trimmed gown that was very classy with a nude-stoned, back bodice rather than an open back with annoying back nude elastic. They looked spectacular together, and this is another of my favorite costume couples.

Paula and Louis danced a Tango with Louis in a golden tailored jacket with black lapels, pant and bow tie. This ensemble would be great on any guy, as the gold fabric had an under weave of black, so it wasn't blindingly bright, but classy.

I absolutely LOVED Paula's bright red costume! It was asymmetrical with feathers on one shoulder, sequined dolman sleeves to camouflage her upper body silhouette – but done in a very flattering and tasteful way, a sweetheart neckline to open up the silhouette and opera gloves to camouflage older arms. Pairing a jewel-toned dress with gold as a neutral worked beautifully for this addition to my list of costume couple favorites of mine, this week.

But then Bindi and Derek totally disappointed me with their Waltz costuming. Derek was ho-hum in his white shirt and black pant. Bindi was underwhelming in her pastel pink matte spandex costume. It wasn't youthful looking, and it was just plain (and) boring.

Kim and Tony then danced the Fox Trot in gray costumes. Tony wore a traditional tailored vest and trousers with black trim. He looked dapper, coordinating with Kim in her tailored chiffon gown with a deep-cut halter neckline, open back and simple black belt (yes, at her natural waistline). It demonstrates that if you do not have a natural bustline, you can have an open back with no visible means of support for the front. I was disappointed with this ho-hum dress for Kim, with just a sprinkling of rhinestones accenting her neckline and shoulders.

Alek and Lindsay presented a Quick Step in all white, with patriotic red and white stripes and blue and white stars. Although I didn't care for the cheesy 3-D design features used on Lindsay's bodice I did LOVE the use of the bold stripes as godets under her white skirt. Her blue stared under-bra was cute, but not a totally cohesive addition to her costume. The use of stars to create the side stripes on Alek's trouser was fabulous.

Victor and Karina danced the Rumba in coordinating costumes with the use of similar rhinestoned patterns for both. Victor was in a dapper black shirt and pant ensemble and Karina was wearing a nude-toned, mesh, costume that was sexy and classy. The use of zig-zag attached gores (for her skirt) added visual interest, besides the red, gold and crystal rhinestoning.

Nick and Sharna danced a classy Fox Trot in gray. Is gray the new black? We have seen lots of gray this season! Nick worn a classily designed jacket and pant with a black lapel detail that I loved. Sharna wore a matching gray chiffon gown that was dip-dyed black at the hemline. Silk flowers trimmed her dress, accenting her shoulders along with being sprinkled on her costume. This was my last inclusion for my favorite couple costumes this week.

The final dance duo was Tamar and Val dancing a Charleston in really underwhelming costumes. Val had no shirt to critique and his suspenders and short plaid pants were not attractive. Thank goodness that he is! I would not recommend this costume of his for most men. Tamar wore a simple long sleeved shirt that tied in the front and a short green skirt with ruffled green petticoat.